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Our Mission:

At Straight Up Sports, we provide you with the most passionate, entertaining, and informative content to redefine how you engage with sports.

Through a series of podcasts, videos, and blog segments, we make sure you have the most authentic, reliable, and up-to-date takes that absolutely no one else can offer.


To all of us here, sports are More Than Just The Score. The value we get from them is so much more than just entertainment. Sports give us a sense of pride and community that nothing else can come close to offering. We grew up with sports, we still watch and cheer for our teams to this day, and deep down we know that die-hard passion is never going to change.

Sports are simply who we are at our core. It’s a way of life that’s purely indescribable. It gives us true excitement, it injects passion into our life, and it gives us real purpose in what we do day in and day out.

It’s that type of love for all things sports that makes what we do so much fun. At Straight Up Sports, our founding team is made up of experts and lifelong friends who love to watch, talk, and play sports, and we’ve made it our mission to share our passion for the game with you. We’ve spent our life developing insights to provide you with a truly unique and informed perspective that can only come from us: long-time players, experienced sports statisticians, and hyper-passionate fans.

We have experts in all fields sports-related: sports betting, fantasy sports, esports, athletic performance, team analysis, and more as our team of experts continues to build. And if you want to have your side heard, be sure to sound off your take on our Bullheaded debates! We’re committed to informing and entertaining you, and we can’t grow if we don’t provide you with the absolute best. 

Our Core Values:

Trust. Relatability. Conversation.

Trust: It’s clear that with all of the content on the internet, it can be tough to know exactly who to follow. That’s why at Straight Up Sports, trust is at the top of our corporate values. We want for you to know us - the authentic us - so that you can have the most reliable information and discussion to get the full Straight Up Sports experience.

Relatability: Sports content nowadays has become vanilla. So much of the fun of sports is talking about them with your closest friends, but that connecting element of relatability has been lost in the modern sports world. We don’t stand for that. We want you to feel like you’re not only learning from experts, but also talking with your best friends at the same time.

Conversation: We believe that to really feel connected to sports, you need to feel like you’re a part of the conversation. So much of sports media nowadays gives just short snippets of the “facts,” and because of that you can feel disengaged from the community that makes sports so much fun. Not at Straight Up Sports. With us, we want you to feel right at home. We want to hear your opinions and to keep the dialogue going!

Get Ready:

We may be new but we’re different, passionate, and hungry to provide you with all of our takes, as well as to hear and discuss your own stories and thoughts! So come get comfortable and stay for a while, because we’re here to give you a lifetime of winning with plenty of laughs along the way.

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