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The Problem We’re Looking to Solve:

To be a pro. It’s something we’ve all thought about. Since that first game of catch and putting on that uniform for the first time, we’ve all dreamed of making it to the bigs. But as life gets in the way, that dream can start to seem like less and less of a reality. 

A little secret: that dream never needs to end. There are so many more ways for you to keep sports in your life, whether it’s betting on matchups, picking the best fantasy lineup, or even running a video game dynasty from your couch.

Unfortunately, with the current sports media outlets, that type of content isn’t out there for you. Other companies will give you box scores and big news updates. But really, can you tell us who won the Mets-Nationals game twenty days ago? How about the low-level signing from 2017 free agency? Neither can we, because that’s not where the fun and love for sports comes from. We all need something different, something fresh, and something unique.

The Solution:

With no one giving you the sports content you need, we’re going to be the difference makers. So, we formed Straight Up Sports, where we are “More Than Just The Score.”

Our founding team is made up of experts and lifelong friends who love to watch, talk, and play sports, and we’ve made it our mission to share our insights with you. We form our opinions based on hours of game research, the most relevant stats and info, and our own experiences to serve you the best sports pieces out there.

To put it simply, we provide you with a truly unique and informed perspective in a fun and engaging way that can only come from us: long-time players, experienced sports statisticians, and hyper-passionate fans.

How We Help You:

At Straight Up Sports, we provide you with the most uniquely entertaining and informative content to redefine how you engage with sports.

Through a series of podcasts, videos, and blog segments, we made sure you have the most reliable and up-to-date takes that absolutely no one else can offer.

We have experts in all fields sports-related: sports betting, fantasy sports, esports, athletic performance, team analysis, and more as our team of experts continues to build. And if you want to have your perspective heard, be sure to sound off your take on our Bullheaded debates! We’re committed to helping train and entertain you, and we can’t grow if we don’t provide you with the absolute best. 

Get Ready:

We may be new but we’re different, passionate, and hungry to provide you with all of our takes, as well as to hear and discuss your own stories and thoughts! So, come get comfortable and stay for a while, because we’re here to give you a lifetime of winning with plenty of laughs along the way.

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